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FlashCard Learning

Manage your learning processes by using flashcards and the famous Leitner system. This software makes memorizing facts not only more efficient but also more fun. It boosts your whole learning experience and features categories, statistics and a visually appealing and intuitive interface.


* Maintain hundreds of flash cards and arrange them by categories.
* Cards are fully Unicode powered
* Uses text formatting on your cards
* Attach images to your cards
* Features an intelligent learning algorithm that knows when you should learn which cards.
* Check your learn status at a glance with the motivating learn chart.
* Import and export different file formats like XML, CSV, RTF and PDF for easy printing.
* Customize your learn session settings in numerous ways, including which category and what types of cards to learn, adding time limits, learning cards with flipped card sides and choosing from different learn schedules.
* And much, much more..

Windows and MacOS Compatible:

* Windows XP
* Windows Vista
* Windows 7
* Windows 8
* Windows 8.1
* Windows 10

Apple MacOS:

This software is compatible with all Intel based Mac computers from MacOS 10.6 Snow Leopard to the latest new release.

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