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Journal Software

The Journal software is an easy to use general organizer that includes a calendar with schedule, reminders, to-do lists and journal notes for every day. It provides features useful for students such as timetable and a booklet for marks and absences.


* Innovative interface designed to be clear and simple
* Automatic saving of all data.
* Loud reminders
* A rich text journal for everyday in which you can even drag and drop images
* Searching through every entry in the journal and in the schedules
* A clear and simple to-do list (general one, not for every day)
* A flexible timetable for students which even supports different content for odd and even weeks (this is used by universities)
* A student booklet in which the user can keep track of the marks they get in school, it even calculates averages and stores the date when the mark was given.
* The ability to print any page (the calendar, the to-do list, the timetable and the booklet are separate pages)
* The ability to choose the storing mode: text files, sqlite database or MySQL database over the network.
* The ability to upload the stored data to an FTP server and download it. This is usefull, because the user can access the data wherever they are.
* Ability to save between storing modes (so the risk of data loss is even lower)
* Maximal configurability

Windows Compatible:

* Windows XP
* Windows Vista
* Windows 7
* Windows 8
* Windows 8.1
* Windows 10

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